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Why am I seeing "LTIBOOKING" or "ADY*LIFT TICKETS" on my credit card statement?
Liftopia powers the ecommerce and ticketing for many ski resorts and water parks throughout North America. If you have purchased a lift ticket or water park admission through a ski resort or water park, that charge will likely reflect LTIBOOKING or ADY*LIFT TICKETS, which are both charges by Liftopia.
I noticed "ltibooking.com" in the URL during checkout. What is "ltibooking.com"?
LTI Booking is an ecommerce solution run by Liftopia.com, the worldwide retailer of lift tickets. LTI Booking powers the lift ticket sales and white label ecommerce stores for many ski resorts and water parks. These ecommerce stores will have ltibooking.com in the URL during checkout.

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